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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been involved in sports . Having a taste of what would it was like to compete and test my body’s limits drove me to the athlete that I am today. Growing up playing everything that I could and then prioritizing my focus to hockey and lacrosse where I played at the Junior level. Once the lacrosse and hockey journey ended i was constantly looking for new ways to grow and to test myself. From competing in spartan races, to triathlons I love the feeling of seeing what I can accomplish. Back in 2021. I ended up stand up paddle boarding for 24hours straight to raise money in memory of my late brother in law. Going through that journey taught me so many lessons and changed my perspective and it’s where my desire to teaching came from. Always having that competitive nature led me to CrossFit.


My career - your local weatherman for CTV News - brought me to Kitchener to CrossFit PSC where I was immediately taken by the community, the effort and the joy that surround the gym. The whole crew became my family. I’ve learned so much through my athletic journey and the joy of passing along any knowledge I can to our members is unmatched.

My Favorite WOD: 

Anything with muscle ups and gymnastics.

My Least Favorite WOD:

The heavy barbell!

If I had a hashtag that represented me, what would it be: 


CF-L1 (CrossFit Coach)

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