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Health and fitness found me later in life, growing up a fit kid that never really had to workout to be athletic I was always getting by. Like many adults the fast paced lifestyle caught up to me, eating out, lack of sleep and just general lack of knowledge about wellbeing led me on this journey that started in 2018. 


CrossFit was always intimidating to me. It wasn’t till I joined PSC that I realized that the only one you’re competing against is yourself, everyone within the gym just wants to see you succeed. The coaching staff was the part that kept me coming back, motivating, and very knowledgeable. I went from not being able to do a pull up the day I joined to crushing PR after PR and I attribute that to great coaching. It’s been a life changing path for me in more than just the fitness and wellness, I’ve becoming far more disciplined in my everyday life, I attribute it to attending the 0500 class at PSC for years. I’ve met amazing people along the way, including Karla my partner and mother of our son Lucas. Ive ran a marathon, competed in CrossFit competitions and the Open. I’ve completely changed careers that better aligns with my new life goals. Joining PSC was truly a pivotal point in my life.


I am pretty proud to be coaching at PSC, as I believe they have the best coaches in the area and a group of people that truly want to see their membership becoming the best they can possibly be. 

My Favorite WOD: 


My Least Favorite WOD:


If I had a hashtag that represented me, what would it be: 


CF-L1 (CrossFit Coach)

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