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Head Coach + Co-Owner

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Certifications/ Credentials:

  • Honours in Recreation and Leisure from University of Waterloo

  • CF L1 and L2 (Crossfit Coach)

  • USA Weightlifting Coaching Education Certificate

  • Can-Fit Pro (personal training certification)

  • GLPTI (goodlife’s personal training certification)

  • CASI (certified snowboard instructor)

  • Certified Zumba Instructor


  • Crossfit Games 2023 - Team

  • 2x CrossFit Semi Final 2022, 2023 - Team

  • 15th Worldwide in 2022 CrossFit Open

  • Guinness World Record Holder: Most Chest-to-Ground Burpees in 1h

  • 2x OUA football all-star

  • 1st Team All-Canadain 2013 football

  • Canadian Record holder for most receptions in a single season 2013

  • Invite to CFL evaluation combine in 2013 and regional combine in 2014


My background started with 22 years playing football competitively through Rep in Guelph, to Highschool, and accepting a scholarship to the University of Waterloo. After graduating, I continued my football carrier playing professionally in Sydney Australia. During my time spend in Sydney, I picked up my passion for olympic weightlifting from my coach Peter Upham who coaches at the national level. When returning to Canada, as a long time personal trainer, I fell into a position of coaching at the CrossFit Side. The transition from football to CrossFit as an athlete was a no brainer. I loved to train and thrive on competition with not only other athletes, but seeing what my own body is capable of. With that being said, I pride myself on being a Coach first, and athlete second with a “practice what I preach” mentality.

My Favorite WOD: 


My Least Favorite WOD:


If I had a hashtag that represented me, what would it be:


Nick programs all of the classes and Competitive Programming for PSC. Learn more here:

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