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Sport and physical activity has been a huge part of my life.  I played many sports competitively and recreationally throughout my childhood, highschool, university and adult life, from basketball, volleyball, soccer and rugby to waterskiing and spike ball.  I am grateful and have learned a lot through a variety of experiences in athletics and recreation that include; playing varsity volleyball at WLU, coaching at the high school, club and university level, working as a sports instructor on Oasis of the Seas for Royal Caribbean International, and teaching high school physical education and functional fitness classes.  I earned my Bachelor Honours Kinesiology and Physical Education degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, Bachelor of Education at Brock University and Honours Specialist in Health and Physical Education from York University.  


Throughout my athletic career I have suffered two major knee injuries requiring multiple ACL reconstructions and meniscus repairs.  I have a strong respect and understanding for the process required to rehab from injury.  My CrossFit journey started at Polsky’s 3 years ago (summer 2018).  It has changed my life as I am stronger and in the best shape I have ever been, and here where I met my wife Jill.  I love the community, challenge and variety of movement skills this type of training has to offer. I am passionate about coaching and seeing members achieve their health and fitness goals. I am excited to continue to learn and share my fitness journey with you as part of the PSC community! 

My Favorite WOD: 

High skill workouts, the warm-up


My Least Favorite WOD:

GHDs and Rope Climbs

If I had a hashtag that represented me, what would it be: 

#chalkup #quicksingles

CF-L1 (CrossFit Coach)

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