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Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

As an RMT it is my number one goal is to help people feel and move better; Whether it be in the gym, at work or during everyday life.

My passion has always been athletic based therapy, not solely working with high level athletes but anyone who is working towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle. I would like to aid people on their journeys by helping their bodies function as best they can to help attain their goals and prevent injuries!

I pride myself on having a great understanding of biomechanics with a background in kinesiology. As a competitive athlete myself, I understand the importance of maintenance. For those involved in high level sports it is important to work with a therapist that understands your movement patterns, training and competition program and schedules, and of course personal goals.

Services/ Pricing:

I offer a wide variety of treatment based massage styles including but not limited to; myofascial release, cupping, hypervolt trigger point therapy, prenatal, athletic recovery, injury prevention, remedial exercise.

30min- $70

45min- $88

60min- $100

75min- $120

90min- $145

(Taxes not included in pricing)


Cancellation Policy: 

Late Cancel (<24h notice): 50%

No Show (with zero communication): 100%


Monday – Friday by scheduled appointment.

Click the link below to view available time slots!

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