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Our community is filled with athletes of all levels and abilities, and many have been looking for extra opportunities to develop in the sport of CrossFit. We have had requests for extra programming within the different pillars of training, and have come up with a system that can help everyone work on their weaknesses, and make them strengths.

Who is this for?

If you are completing most of our PSC class programming and are looking for a little more, this is for you. Our 'Competitive Programming' is an extension of our daily workouts, geared towards any and all of our members:


-- Athletes looking to compete in Functional Fitness

-- Improving Olympic lifting technique

-- Become more comfortable with gymnastics movements

-- Gain overall strength & fitness


Your skill level does not matter; everything in this program will be scalable and modifiable just like our classes. 

Mission & Focus
The foundation of this program is still the class workouts first, with the option of additional work that aligns with our class programming. There are three different paths: Engine (conditioning), Strength (all things lifting), and Gymnastics (midline and skill work).

You do not have to complete all of the extra work. You should pick and prioritize the extra work to do that would benefit you the most. Some of you may have (or build) the capacity, time and interest to do all or most of the work each day -- but this isn't required or necessary, and we encourage you to start off with small increases in training volume.

The idea is to create a group of people who want to complete this extra work together during open gym times or come in and tackle it on your own (but we all know it’s always more fun and effective with a team). It will be a hybrid between individualized programming and competitive group programming.

What You Can Expect

  • Full week program visible on TrueCoach (website and app) and via email.  

  • Our regular class programming with coaches notes of things to focus on, scaling options to make easier or harder, and strategies for workouts. You’ll start to learn how my brain works when creating workouts and the intent behind them. 

  • All three extra streams to choose from. For example: If you're someone who needs to get stronger, you can focus on completing the extra strength work, and can add in engine or gymnastics work if you feel like it that day. Again, the idea is to focus on what YOU need to improve, and follow the professions each week.  I can also guide you in the direction of what I think you should be prioritizing.

  • The option to upload video and results of your work for me to review. In the off chance I'm not at the gym, you'll be able to send video review of, for example, your snatches that I can analyze and provide feedback with.  

  • A group to train with. Again, the idea here is to create a group of people to help motivate, push and work with to take our fitness to the next level. 

  • Saturday 'Throwdowns' with the Competitive crew, where we all come together to tackle an 'open style' or team workout after regular Saturday classes. 

  • Slight customizations from the base group program (if needed) to dial in extra midline work, stability work, changing exercises in workouts for an injury, tapering off toward competition etc.

  • This is also an opportunity to use equipment you see in the gym that we do not see in our class programs often (I.e. GHDs, Assault Runner, Concept2 bikes, pegboards, rope climbs, handstand walking progressions...) 

  • I am already in your corner to help you with anything fitness if your training at PSC, but through this program I am also available anytime for video review, questions about the program, helping you find competitions and coaching you through prep and game day.

  • Lastly, you’ll receive a cool new “PSC Competitive Programming” T-Shirt!  



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email, call or ask us in person. 

*Pricing and Payment: send us a message for more details. 

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