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  • 2021 CrossFit Atlas Games Semifinalist

  • 6th Place at CrossFit Games in 2019 as a teen


I grew up playing rep hockey while also participating in other sports on school teams and recreationally. In my most competitive years of hockey, I found CrossFit and immediately noticed an improvement in all areas of my game. My passion for fitness soon out grew that of hockey, until I eventually decided to fully commit to being competitive in CrossFit. I achieved my goal of competing at the CrossFit Games in 2019, placing 6th. I’ve always made an effort to balance school and training. I am currently pursuing a degree in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I look forward to sharing my excitement and passion for fitness at Polsky’s Strength and Conditioning!

My Favorite WOD: 

Max out snatch or clean and jerk. Or just heavy oly lifts in any metcon!

My Least Favorite WOD:


If I had a hashtag that represented me, what would it be: 


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