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Certifications/ Credentials:

  • CrossFit Level 1 


  • Competed at CrossFit Games as a teen (2018)

  • Atlas Games Team Semifinals (2022)


Growing up I have always had a passion for physical activity. I grew up competing in track and field up until I was  17, which is when I made the full switch to CrossFit. I originally started doing CrossFit in order to become more well rounded in track but then quickly came to realize I enjoyed CrossFit a lot more. Once I was 17, my coach and I made a goal to compete at the Games as a teen. In 2018, I was able to achieve that goal and qualified for the Crossfit Games in the 17-18 teens Divison. I placed 12th overall at the games and had such a wonderful time meeting a bunch of other insanely talented athletes. My hometown is Burlington but I am currently in Waterloo, completing my last semester at Wilfred Laurier University studying Kinesiology with a minor in Biology and Psychology. I am so glad I was able to be apart of this amazing community at Polsky’s.  I am very excited to get to know everybody and excited to share my passion and knowledge with all of you guys! 

My Favorite WOD: 

Anytime I get to be upside-down!

My Least Favorite WOD:


If I had a hashtag that represented me, what would it be: 


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